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    Eye Glass Style Selector

    How to choose eyeglass frames to fit your face

    1. Fit Width
    2. Frame Styles
    3. Face shapes
    4. Frame colors
    1. Fit Width

    We want you to be confident that your glasses will fit you well when you receive them. In order to get a close fit, you must first find your FIT NUMBER. If you have a pair of glasses that fit you well, then you can figure out your FIT NUMBER in two ways:

    • Look inside the temple arm for these numbers. The first number is the lens width, the second is the bridge (or nose) width, and the third is the temple (or arm) length.Simple math will allow you to come up with your FIT NUMBER:

      Fit Number = Lens Width (Right Eye) + Bridge + Lens Width (Left Eye)

      For frame above: FIT NUMBER = 54 + 16 + 54 = 124MM

    • If you cannot find these numbers or if they may have rubbed off over time, then simply place a ruler on the top of the frame to measure the entire inside width in millimeters to come up with your Fit Number.

    Eyeglasses Fit Width

    Your FIT NUMBER corresponds to a fitting width for eyeglasses:

    Fit Number Fit Width
    117 mm or less Narrow
    118 mm to 124 mm Medium
    125 mm or more Wide

    Sunglasses Fit Width

    Your FIT NUMBER corresponds to a fitting width for sunglasses:

    Fit Number Fit Width
    124 mm or less Narrow
    125 mm to 134 mm Medium
    135 mm or more Wide

    Then go to our Fit Width section on the left handed column of the Eyeglass Page to choose your fit width. Our frames are categorized as Narrow, Medium, and Wide. Keep in mind that your previous and new Fit Numbers do not need to be exactly the same – within 2-3 mm will usually allow for a suitable fit. Also, frames with spring hinges on the arms allow for more width flexibility.

    In our example, the FIT NUMBER was 124mm. In this case, a medium eyeglass frame or a narrow sunglass frame should be chosen for a good fit.

    If you do not have a pair of glasses to get your FIT NUMBER, please choose your fit width (narrow, medium, or wide) based on your experience. Most people with wide or narrow faces know that they have wide or narrow faces. If you are not sure, you are most likely a medium fit.

    2. Frame styles

    With a wide selection of frames available, they can all be categorized into one of three styles: Full-rimmed, Semi-rimless, and Rimless.

    Fully-rimmed frames have frame material entirely encircling the lenses. These are compatible with any prescription, and are especially beneficial for higher prescriptions.

    Semi-rimless frames have frame material that only partially encircles the lenses, with the other portion generally holding the lens with a nylon wire. These are most suitable for mild to moderate prescriptions.

    Only the temples and bridge exist in Rimless frames. There is no frame around the lenses at all. Keep in mind that this type of eyeglass is not recommended for higher prescriptions or single vision reading glasses that are constantly being taken on and off as the lens insertion point often puts much stress onto the lenses themselves.

    3. Frame shape

    We celebrate that every face is unique! For eyeglass fitting, face shapes are categorized as Round, Heart-shaped, Square, and Oval. Our guide can assist you in choosing a frame style that best suits your face shape.

    To determine the shape of your face, brush your hair back, away from your face, and look straight ahead into a mirror. Take a close look at the width of your forehead, cheeks and chin. Now look at the outline of your face, from your hairline and down through to your cheekbones and jawline.

    Oval Face Shape

    Consider your face is OVAL SHAPED if:

    You have balanced features with a slightly, narrower forehead and jaw.

    Consider these frame styles:

    • Cateye
    • Rectangle
    • Square
    • Wayfarer


    Round Face Shape

    Consider your face is ROUND SHAPED if:

    Your cheeks are full and your forehead and jaw are of the same width.

    Consider these frame styles:

    • Cateye
    • Rectangle
    • Square
    • Wayfarer


    Square Face Shape

    Consider your face is SQUARE SHAPED if:

    Your jawline is prominent and has the same width as your forehead.

    Consider these frame styles:

    • Oval
    • Round
    • Wayfarer

    Heart Face Shape

    Consider your face is HEART SHAPED if:

    Your face is broadest at the forehead and tapers through the jawline to a narrow chin.

    Consider these frame styles:

    • Cateye
    • Rectangle
    • Wayfarer


    4. Frame color

    An important consideration in choosing your eyeglasses is choosing the correct frame color to complement your skin tone. Generally, we each fall into the fair, medium or dark skin categories.

    For fair skin, we recommend to shy away from bright colors because it will highly contrast against the light skin color, creating a washed out look. Instead, opt for neutral brown, black, or tortoiseshell colored frames. To get away from being too bland, you can ‘spice it up’ with funky frame styles and details.To make a bold statement, consider solid colors if you have a medium skin tone, including frames that are primarily blue, green, and even pink

    For those with a darker skin tone, we recommend lighter colors in order so that the frame is not ‘washed out’ against the skin color. These would include white, tan, and gold colors.

    The bottom line is these are merely guidelines. The final decision is yours, to choose the frame that you feel most comfortable with.